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Holo Phyperiment: My first HoloLens App

Holo Phyperiment is a HoloLens app where users can construct their own world by using our built-in models, add force to objects and see how objects react. Holo Phyperiment was developed in C# using Unity3D and HoloToolKit during HACKPKU 2017 (Peking University Hackathon). The inspiration of the project came from the idea of helping kids learn the laws of physics while letting them have fun with mixed reality. To enhance a rich mixed reality experience, the Gaze, Gesture and Voice Recognition features of the HoloLens were used.

Key Features#

  • Users can create and destroy models.
  • Users can control and manipulate our built-in 3D models by using voice and gesture commands.
  • Users can view the state of an object (for e.g. its speed and the amount of force given to it)
  • Users can change the object's mass and apply force to it.
  • Users can speed up or slow down the physics engine. This allows users to see the action in slow motion.
  • Users can manipulate gravity. (Ever wonder what it’s like when you reverse gravity?)